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You have just reached the frontpage for the blogs and websites at WORDPRESS.LOVSKOG.EU. This is a personal log for me and my family. Even though truth be told I (and for some part Simon) am the only one really using it. All projects shown are of my own design. All opinions in the political blog is also mig own, and does not reflect any views of any of my clients or employer.

I have a few different blogs and websites, see links in the menu and further down on this page. They are all hosted on Amazon’s EC2 platform (read more here).

Yours Sincerely
Thomas Lövskog


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About Us

Some short notes about us


On what hardware are these sites running


Here I document and write about all my projects. Mostly around electronics, but also a few items on my house projects.

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This is my main blog around my political interest. 2014–2018 I am the Chairman of Environment and Building Committee in Kävlinge Municipal.

Language: SWEDISH

Election 2018

Next year it is up for elections. I am running for the municipal for 2018-2022.

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