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Me and Simon run most of our environment on 4 different configurations.

  • Local servers. Typically we use local servers for computationally intensive application servers. Such as rendering for various 3D systems and Premiere Pro. I also use them for various electronic simulation tools. Simon also uses them for BitMining.
  • NAS. We have 2 RackStations from Synology in the rack at home. This is for random storage. In addition we also have a DS418play for home videos and photos with a Plex server. Clients includes Apple TV gen 4 and all our iPhones and iPads etc.
  • Co-location physical servers. We do have 2 IBM blade servers as legacy in a co-location in Malmö. They are mostly gaming servers.
  • Amazon AWS. Nowadays we use Amazon for most of our other server needs. We typically use EC2, RDS, S3, Glazier and Lambda.

Network wise we run the whole house on 2 19″ racks and all network equipment including access points, routers and switches comes from Ubiquity.

The WordPress server is running on a Amazon EC2 t2.micro instance in Frankfurt. The DB is a MySQL running on Amazon RDS also in Frankfurt. It consumes roughly 8.7 USD per month.