After a number of years in Lund working at Ericsson, a wife, and a daughter we started plan for a house. Here I have written down the story, and the continuation.

This is actually written in 2000-2004 and was in response to a large number of questions both on and email. Most was around the intelligence I opted for. It was a bit rare at the time.

The first story …

In April 2000, we put shovels in the ground and started building our first house. We started to think, think and plan in the shift 98/99.

A crucial point has always been a cleverer technical infrastructure with a modern electrical system, complete network and audio / video in most rooms. If it is an “intelligent” house … niae. Definitely you do not use these kind of intelligent systems to save electricity anyway. No matter what the sales pitch is.

It may be added that there was not a single of the Swedish builders or catalog house companies who understood what I meant nor what I was after. Sometimes you have to do it yourself … What seems to be the “story of my life.

The outdoor environment took the most time. First I imagine that one could take it little by little, but neighboring pressure is tough. If not, my beloved impatient wife. The garden have both cost more and taken more time than I thought.

There is also a story here on what went wrong, and what to think of next time. Maybe there is a thought or two for you first time builders.

Finally, there are some pictures of how it eventually turned out.

2009 … extending …

In 2009 we decided to extend the house. So a short story on that is also provided. A few fixes incorporated.

2012 … a pool

2012 we finished the pool. It actually started when we did the extension, but took time to finish. As always it is a bit unorthodox. Not square, with a sandy slope for entering, 4 bar stools and music.