On way to lower cost is to use as much automation as possible. To simply remove the hands needed for assembly.

Since thruhole mounted LEDs would also need JIGs to secure correct alignment and distance that cost is also removed.


So. I finally found a good SMD solution to this.Not so much the LEDs themselves, but if you use SMD LEDs you nearly always will need a LIGH guide/pipe instead. This to guide the light to wherever it is supposed to be visible on the enclosure.

Various Light Pipes for LEDs

The problem is that they are ridiculously expensive. Really!

However, I have found pipes that fits perfectly from Turkey at a very good price. So now the price LED + Pipes is roughly the same as thruhole LEDs. However, a save on the assembly.

Again, for price I only use monochromatic LEDs ( Green ). However, for SD and WiFi I actually opted now for adding a Yellow LED showing activity. So No light means no Card or no WiFi. Green means ok SD/WiFi and flashing Yellow means activity.

I also updated the ESD protection and have done some other tweaks.