Yesterday I picked up the boards for the new version of the GCart Micro IEC. As always high quality from in China. The white board is for another project with a bit higher priority. New LED drivers for spotlights in the roof of the media room. More on that later.

There was also a stencil for both boards ( I am cheap I know ). In the week to come I will solder it with the oven.

Board and stencil for the LED Driver and Cart Micro IEC

Does the connectors fit …

The first version used a different connector with cables and stuff. This time I did some thinking and ended up using the male connector “block” of normal DIN connectors. This meant larger soldering holes, but there was room if I did the footprint a bit different and optimised the area used.

It worked like a charm to solder.

And … yes … it did fit. Always tricky to measure on already produced electronics, but I figured the CAD was done using Imperial measurements, so I rounded to nearest inch ratio, and voila! it worked.

Test of the fit for the Cart Micro IEC connectors to the VIC-20